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  • Arrangement of hot air stove in metallurgical equipment

    2018-09-25 8598

    In the metallurgical equipment, the hot air furnace is divided into two groups, was arranged in a row, sharing a chimney, a combustion air station and hydraulic station, are placed in the center of the two groups of hot air stove. Combustion air station equipped with three combustion-supporting fan, dual-use equipment; hydraulic station control all the hydraulic valve.

    The distance between each group of hot air stove axis is 9000mm, the dome of the most aluminum alloy hot-stove with large diameter is Ф8010mm, and the neighboring hot-blast stove has 1.0m aluminum alloy box type hot-blast stove passage. Hot air branch pipe, main pipe, vertical pipe, flue, air pipe, gas pipe and all the valves are concentrated in the north side of the hot stove is not the same platform, placement compact, easy to operate and protect.

    Hot air stove is divided into 3 some: regenerator chamber wall, vault, pre-new well-type annealing furnace combustion chamber. The diameter of middle and lower furnace shell is Ф6800mm, the center is full of lattice brick masonry diameter Ф5814mm, the wall firebrick thickness 493mm. Elevation + 12.570m Department for the silica brick masonry, furnace shell diameter to expand to Ф7210mm, add a layer of insulation brick, refractory brick thickness expanded to 698mm. Lattice brick code on the elevation of + 3.850 ~ +20.490m space.

    The lower part of the wall for the furnace grate, furnace pillars, with the bottom of the flue gas outlet pipe, cool air inlet pipe. In elevation + 21.690mm Department has a maintenance hole and hot air exports, hot air export center line than lattice brick high 1.20m. The thickness of refractory masonry wall is 868mm.

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